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What His Clothes Say About Him

Men have a different taste in their clothing. Most women recognize just what kind of a guy he is just by looking at what he is wearing. Here is some classification of men based on their clothes.

1. College boy – His been out of college for years but his still dresses like a boy. They are all about polo shirts and jeans.

2. Preppy – Preppy guys care about their appearance but aren’t that into style or fashion. They know what kind of clothes to wear for a certain occasion and sometimes ask women about fashion input.

3. Geek – Geeks don’t have a sense of style and pick clothing that is geeky and outdated. Yes, he is probably smart but socially awkward.

4. Hipster – Spends hours getting ready and takes a lot of effort to pull off those skinny jeans and faux glasses just to get it right.

5. Slob – If he likes wearing t-shirt with stains on the front, he could be an artist or he could be a real slob.

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