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Intimacy and Communication

What does it really mean when we use the term intimacy? Many think of it as something that comes with a deep sexual connection. Indeed, it includes passion but real intimacy is more than that. Unfortunately, many do not know the true meaning of intimacy and why it is important in making relationships successful. You know when intimacy is not present in your relationship if you feel lonely and empty. If you do not want to feel that something is missing, you should prioritize intimacy in your relationship. This may require hard work but the effort is always worth it in the end.

What are the things needed to attain intimacy? One of the most important things is the ability to communicate effectively with your partner. To realize its true essence, you must be willing to be transparent and vulnerable which can only be possible through open communication. Being transparent means you have to let your partner see what is in your mind and heart. This includes the negative feelings as well as your flaws. It can be very difficult to share the things you are ashamed of, however, if you are aware that your partner truly loves you, he will accept the negative traits about you and help you become a better person. You should also do the same for your partner. You should also become honest with your opinions and be more willing to share your ideas, fears and desires. To do this, you should be able to communicate effectively. Remember that being honest is not enough. Respect should always be observed as a part of open communication.

For instance, you can tell your partner that you want to be hugged or kissed in a certain way. Another is expressing your opinion about simple things such as who should do the cooking or cleaning. Of course, you should always say it whilst maintaining kindness and respect. Often, we forget the importance of speaking up when trying to avoid arguments. Many of us do not know that we are already reducing the chance of creating intimacy by doing this. Remember that being direct, assertive and polite always gains positive results. In relation to this, you should be able to state you point about what you need and want especially those that make you happy.

You must share a big part of yourself with your partner so that he or she can love you and accept you wholeheartedly. Intimate connection is made through being sincere in sharing ourselves with our loved ones. Remember that strong intimacy is one of the important foundations of a long-lasting relationship. It strengthens through time and effort. Help your partner love you by opening yourself up emotionally to them.

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