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How to Tell If Your Partners Lying

Trust is one of the most basic foundations of a good relationship. Being honest with your partner builds trust and intimacy. In a relationship we expect that both partners are honest and open with each other. However we can’t avoid keeping secrets from one another. So here are some signs to look out for when someone is lying.

First of all they tend to be evasive. At first, your partner may avoid lying right away and will become evasive. If this is not the way your partner behaves, then something may be wrong. Next thing to look out for is speech patterns. When people do lie, they would often speak hesitantly. Also body expressions will tell you a lot of things. If your partner is doing something odd, then you know something is up. Before confronting your partner if they are lying or not, please understand the situation first and learn the reason why they did it. There are things that can be better left unsaid.

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