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How Much to Write on Your Profile

When writing your dating profile you must remember a couple of things. Firstly, you need to be honest. Secondly, it must be written perfectly and catchy to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Though you must set some limits on how much to write on your profile. An online profile is much more like a teaser of who you are. It must create a mystery and elusiveness for your readers to be captivated by it. Writing your whole life story won’t do.

It must be short and concise. You should not give everything away about yourself in your profile. Just leave some clues on what kind of person are you. It will create some conversational topics when you go out with your date and it will trigger them to ask more questions about you. The same goes with you. You should check out your date’s profile and see what kind of person he/she really is.

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