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Dating a Shorter Man

Okay I know it’s awkward for us ladies to date a shorter man. I mean there is little doubt that women usually prefer to date a tall man. However we should give them a chance. We shouldn’t be really bothered when were taller than our dates. But then dating a shorter man means they need to work extra hard to impress us. Like they could dress to emphasize their size, they have to make the most of what they got. Next thing they got to work on is their sense of style. Having a strong sense of style means you got a lot of confidence with yourself and that is always hot. Also they need to hit the gym to bulk up. I mean when short and athletic is more attractive than tall and overweight. Lastly it’s important to remain confident. In the end it’s not all about height. It is all about how you carry yourself and don’t lack self-esteem.

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