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Are You in a Committed Relationship?

It takes a lot of effort and hard work to say that you are really in a committed relationship. Commitment is not something that you can create and then break just because you got tired. It is not like a switch than can be turned on or off whenever you want to. A serious and long-term relationship requires a good level of commitment and should develop continually over time.

A relationship can undergo a lot of issues and conflicts. This is also a way to test your commitment with each other. However, there is also the matter of relationship trends. There are couples that prefer to live together without being legally married and there are those who are still in the “dating” stage. Exclusive dating can go on for a long period of time. There are also couples that have already reached the engagement stage. At first glance, it may look like a committed relationship. Nevertheless, it goes a lot deeper than the relationship itself. There are still a lot of things to consider before a relationship can truly become a committed one.

Your relationship must meet the criteria. Being in a committed relationship is not simple. However, the bottom line to a committed relationship is to match your words and actions along with your attitude. Someone who has doubts in a relationship is not committed in terms of attitude. Having thoughts like “I am not sure if he is really the one for me” should be a reason for you to think twice. In addition, your commitment may vary in different levels. The more resolved you are in committing yourself to making your relationship work, the more it will become successful. This will determine your future together as well.

You can be consciously or unconsciously committed to your relationship. To determine which is which, you need to look at your attitude and the actions you make. You can act like a committed partner but without having the thoughts that the other person is already the “one” for you. Moreover, you might think that you want to be committed in your relationship but are still having doubts if you are indeed in the right relationship. This can be very confusing that is why you need to understand what it takes to be in a real committed relationship. This means you have to match your actions with your belief.

You are in a committed relationship when:

You live by your promises. You promise something and make it happen.

You, your partner, friends and family know about the status of your relationship. Everything is clear.

There is faith and honesty.

Always remember that commitment involves your physical, mental and emotional aspect.

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