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5 of the Biggest Kissing Turn Offs

Kissing is always fun to do. Be careful though, there are some things you should avoid whilst kissing. Here is five of the biggest kissing turn offs.

1. Charging in with your tongue sticking out – This is very gross. Using your tongue when kissing can be great but build up to it gently.

2. Don’t keep pulling away – If kissing has already begun don’t keep pulling away. It simply conveys that you don’t want to be kissed.

3. Give them some air – don’t be too full on. You need to let your date breathe!

4. Don’t make jokes – Kissing is very intimate so don’t try to be funny and ruin the mood.

5. Bad breath is a huge turn off. Make sure you avoid garlic, onion and sweet foods and brush your teeth and crew gum before you kiss.

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